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Search for California Residential Care Facilities by Name/Address

Step 1 - Enter the name or address of the facility you would like to find.
Note - if you are not sure of the spelling, try entering a partial name or address.


*Street Address:

*Zip Code:

* It is better to search by only one of “name”, “address”, or "zip code" ;
You can search for just the beginning e.g., “Mich” will find Michael's Home, Michiko-En Care Home, Saint Michael's, etc. ... and "9402" will give you 94020, 94021, 94022, etc. ...

Step 2 (optional) - Limit to facilities that will accept resident in the specified categories:

Dementia (more info)
Hospice (more info)
Nonambulatory (more info)

Step 3 -



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